Gunilla Lofgren Featured Artist at Manhattan Arts international

Guided by the Principles of Vedic Art
Shared by Renée Phillips


Gunilla Löfgren creates abstract, figurative, symbolic and esoteric mixed media art using a variety of materials that include acrylic paint, pigment, tempera, metal leaf, japan paper, gouache, wasp paper, plaster, and Salix.

She has received several Awards of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International juried competitions. Her art has been featured in Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2013.

Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist’s permission


She explains, entering her art means ”discovering an artistic world in which spirit, soul, subconscious and mystery are some of the guides.”

Several years ago she discovered the principles of Vedic Art, inspired by Indian philosophy. She explains, ”Vedic Art is not a discipline but a joyful way to approach painting. Following this method artists free themselves from the technical and practical aspect to discover instead new and continuous possibilities.”


”My creativity centres mostly around seeing/feeling/exploring the tension, the power and the passion in and between firmness and dissolution, structure and creative chaos, between immobility and movement, lightness and weight.To feel the challenge in the visualization, the watching and a wish to see behind, beyond the artistic expression.”


Löfgren has exhibited her art regularly in Sweden since 1995, and also in Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark and India. Her art is represented in both public and private collections.

She is a member of Member in KRO, Artists National Organisation in Sweden; IAA, International Association of Art; and SK, Swedish Artist Association; among others.

She recently received an Award from her latest exhibition in Bologna, Italy at Trevisan International Art.

Visit Gunilla Löfgren’s website at

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